Rent a shower / Rental shower

Welcome at “Shower Everywhere / anywhere

We are the solution when you’re without a shower !

Most common reason for not being able to shower is remodeling your bathroom.

Maybe your bathroom has a leakage or it’s just time to change it.

You might have thought of the other shower options:

The gym
or you just don’t shower for a couple of weeks.

Let us help you take the stress out of this remodeling period.

How do I rent a temporary mobile shower ?

Please fill out the form on our website.

We will contact you via e-mail with the following questions

(you can help us by already reading them and giving us the info in advance, pictures will come later)

1: Where is a location in your house with warm / cold water and a drain.

(this can be the kitchen, sink in a bedroom or the “CV” central heating*

*keep in mind that the drain of the CV is not suiteable for our pump, is the washer located in the same area !?

2: Send us (clear) pictures of the location, warm/cold water and drain.

We will send you a quotation / offer with the exact price.
When you agree we will plan the delivery date with you.
One day before delivery we mail you the time table (so you don’t have to stay at home the whole day).
Our technician will arrive the next day and install / test / and explain everything about the shower.


Can I rent the shower for a longer time period ?

no problem, what we ask of you is that you sign out the shower 1 week (7 days) in advance.

How do I sign out the shower ?

You sign out via the same conversation mail which you ordered the shower (not via telephone)

Only cold water / No hot water

We have a boiler / heater system which we can rent out. This is the last option if there isn’t another hot water connection in your house. This can only be placed on the ground floor.

Do I need a pump with the rental shower ?

If there is a (working) drain in de floor or a pipe (40mm) horizontal and no higher than 5cm from the ground. Our technician will examine the drain on location and will try to use it. If this doesn’t work we will use the pump.

Installation on first* floor or higher ?

We install our showers on any level, keep in mind that we love elevators. We will charge extra for higher and lower levels.

*USA second floor

What size mobile shower do you have ?

Standard: 80x80x195 cm / 31,5 “ x 31,5 x 77”
Large: 90x80x205 cm / 35,4” x 31,5” x 80”
Healthcare Shower: specialty item please contact us

Do you have pictures of installations and/or connections